Survey on Airport Pavement Roughness Assessment

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    According to ICAO’s Annex 14, the roughness of newly-constructed airport pavements is acceptable when it is constructed within the limit of 3 mm deviation from a 3 m straightedge. Also, the tender documents can describe an allowable construction limit, which can be assessed by measuring the profile with a standard profilometer device for measuring surface elevation profile changes (Viagraaf or rolrei in the Netherlands).

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  • Samenvatting
    1 Runway Surface Roughness
    1.1 Surface roughness and texture wavelength
    1.2 Different types of roughness (or unevenness) measurements
    1.3 Frequently used methods
    1.4 Importance of True Profile Measurement
    2 Profile analysis methods & roughness criteria
    2.1 Straight Edge Criteria (SE)
    2.2 The Riding Comfort Index (RCI)
    2.3 Ride Number (RN)
    2.4 International Roughness Index (IRI)
    2.5 Power Spectral Density (PSD)
    2.6 The Boeing Method: Profile analysis for isolated bumps
    3 Evaluation of pavement roughness using aircraft simulations
    3.1 Aircraft computer simulations
    3.2 Runway roughness criteria base don aircraft accelerations
    3.3 Software for aircraft response to roughness
    4 Findings
    4.1 Profile measurement
    4.2 Smoothness acceptance criteria
    4.3 Airport pavement roughness criteria
    4.4 Closure Bibliography
    Appendix 1 Profile measuring equipment
    Appendix 2 Definitions of Root Mean Square Vertical Acceleration (RMSVA)
    Appendix 3 Determination od RCI from Numerical Profile Indices
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