Qualification Protocol for Candidate Self-wetting Friction-measuring Devices on Dutch Airfields

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    The procedures in this protocol are only to be used for the qualification of CFME for the assessment of friction levels of a runway surface for maintenance purposes. The specifications were developed to assure the airport operator that the friction-measuring equipment will perform with reliability and consistency on all types of pavement surface conditions.

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  • 1 Preface
    1.1 General
    2 Scope
    2.1 General
    3 References
    4 Definitions, abbreviations and symbols
    4.1 Definitions
    4.2 Abbreviations and acronyms
    5 Equipment
    5.1 Tow vehicle friction measurement
    5.2 Friction-measuring equipment
    5.3 Texture measuring equipment
    5.4 Texture survey vehicle
    5.5 Operator and Training Competency
    6 Calibration
    6.1 General
    6.2 Calibration check-ups in case of no valid calibration certificate
    7 Qualification procedure
    7.1 General
    8 Friction measurement correlation trial
    8.1 Organisation and periodicity
    8.2 Selection of test stations
    8.3 Test conditions for friction measurements
    8.4 Test conditions for texture measurements
    8.5 Test runs texture measurement
    8.6 Check runs friction measurement
    8.7 Test runs friction measurement
    8.8 Reporting data for analysis
    9 Data analysis
    9.1 Friction database parameters
    9.2 Repeatability
    9.3 Harmonisation analysis
    9.4 Qualification
    9.5 Quick acceptance procedure
    Annex A Requirements for organisation of correlation trial of friction-measuring devices
    A.1 Personnel requirements
    A.2 Tasks
    Annex B Reporting Formats
    Annex C Brief description of ESDU analysis approach
    Annex D Brief analysis procedure of CFME correlation trial
    D.1 Determination of Mu-datum
    D.2 Determination of runway interaction parameter
    D.3 Harmonisation analysis
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