Means of compliance for the evaluation of airport pavement roughness

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    This report presents a Means of Compliance for the measurement, processing, analysis and evaluation of runway pavement roughness. The Means of Compliance contains a by the industry accepted method and to be used in compliance to ICAO procedures. The report also presents worked examples.

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  • Preface
    1 Introduction
    1.1 Purpose of this report
    1.2 This CROW-Means of Compliance
    1.3 Reading instruction
    2 Evaluation of surface roughness on the basis of longitudinal profile measurements and
    aircraft simulation
    2.1 General
    2.2 Standards and criteria
    3 Procedure for the measurement of longitudinal runway profiles
    3.1 Measuring equipment
    3.2 Requirements for profiler systems
    3.3 Procedure for measuring surface roughness
    4 Procedure for evaluating surface roughness
    4.1 Simple evaluation using Straight Edge (SE) analyses
    4.2 Simulation software
    4.3 Staggered evaluation procedure
    4.3.1 Indicative surface roughness evaluation
    4.3.2 Exploratory surface roughness evaluation
    4.3.3 Detailed surface roughness evaluation using APRas
    4.4 Analysis and report
    Appendix 1 Assessment of constructed surface roughness
    Appendix 2 Assessment of the surface roughness using the Boeing Approach
    Appendix 3 Example of an evaluation using APRas software
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