Literature survey on operational runway friction measurement

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    Airfield runways must provide adequate friction between an aircraft tire and the surface of the runway for the safe operation of aircraft during landing and in the event of a rejected takeoff. Airport operators conduct various measurements to assess the friction of the runway surface. Operational friction measurements are carried out as part of general runway surface condition reporting.

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  • Summary
    1 Introduction
    1.1 Background
    1.2 Objectives
    1.3 Research questions
    1.4 Approach
    1.5 Report organization
    2 Current international regulations and practices
    2.1 Introduction
    2.2 ICAO
    2.3 CAA-UK
    2.4 FAA
    2.5 Transport Canada
    2.6 GASR
    2.7 Discussion
    3 Past and current international research activities
    3.1 Introduction
    3.2 Joint NASA/FAA Runway Friction Program
    3.3 ESDU studies
    3.4 Joint Winter Runway Friction Measurement Program
    3.5 Discussio
    4 Research questions
    5 Conclusions and recommendations
    5.1 Conclusions
    5.2 Recommendations
    6 References
    7 Literature
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