Guideline on PCN Assignment in the Netherlands

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  • Datum uitgifte:01 sep 2005
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CROW heeft met ingang van 28-03-2013 een nieuwe editie van dit rapport uitgebracht: CROW-rapport D13-02. Als gevolg daarvan vervalt dit oude rapport uit 2005.

To harmonize and arrive at reproducible PCNs, the CROW Coordinating Committee on Airport Pavements developed a guideline that prescribes the structural evaluation of jointed rigid and flexible pavements. The guideline is to be used to assign a PCN by means of technical evaluation for civil airport pavements on a national level. This Guideline presents the procedure for the calculation of a technical PCN in full detail.

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1 The ACN-PCN method
1.1 The ACN-PCN method
1.2 Aircraft Classification Number
1.3 Pavement Classification Number
1.4 Aircraft overloads beyond published limits and ICAO’s overload guidance
2 PCN calculation procedure
2.1 Strength evaluation equipment and methods
2.2 Design concept
2.3 Pavement characterization
2.4 Material characterization
2.5 Reporting PCN and submission to CAA
2.6 Pavement strength review and update
2.7 PCN Procedure for technical evaluation of flexible and rigid pavements
2.8 Worked examples
2.8.1 Units
2.8.2 Computer programs used to demonstrate the PCN assignment
2.8.3 Technical evaluation of a flexible pavement
2.8.4 Technical evaluation of a rigid pavement
Related reading material and references
Appendix 1: Properties of bituminous materials
Appendix 2: Properties of cement concrete
Appendix 3: Properties of base materials, sub-base materials and subgrades
Appendix 4: Worked example for flexible pavement using APSDS
Appendix 5: Directive on Pavement Strength Data Reporting Format