Correlation trial of friction measurements on runways 2008

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    The presentation of the objectives, test set-up, field test and analysis results of the correlation trial held with seven self-wetting friction-measuring devices at a range of pavement surfaces at Air Base De Peel at 1-2 October 2008. All participating equipment was analysed according to the qualification protocol developed for approval of friction-measuring equipment on Dutch airport pavements.

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  • Summary
    1 Introduction
    1.1 Background and objective
    1.2 This project
    2 Definitions, abbreviations and acronyms
    2.1 Definitions
    2.2 Acronyms
    3 Scope of the study
    3.1 Main objectives
    3.2 Harmonisation and reproducibility
    4 Test programme and participants
    4.1 Test modes
    4.1.1 Dry mode testing
    4.1.2 Wet mode testing
    4.1.3 Repeatability test
    4.2 Location and selection of test sections
    4.3 Test schedule
    4.4 Data collection
    4.5 Participants
    5 Field trial
    5.1 Test sections
    5.1.1 Description of test sections
    5.1.2 Survey line
    5.1.3 Test section details
    5.2 Operational aspects
    5.2.1 Weather
    5.2.2 Participants
    6 Raw test results
    6.1 Test speed
    6.2 Dry mode friction coefficient
    6.3 Wet mode friction coefficient
    7 Analysis of test data for harmonisation purposes
    7.1 Model description
    7.2 Runway interaction parameter
    7.3 Dispersion and stability
    7.3.1 Stability of friction coefficient
    7.3.2 Stability of Mu-datum
    7.3.3 Stability of runway interaction parameter Kappa
    8 Analysis of predictive accuracy
    8.1 Conversion procedure
    8.2 Harmonisation with Mu-meter as reference
    8.3 Harmonisation with ASFT Sharan as reference
    9 Analysis of repeatability and reproducibility
    9.1 Repeatability statistics
    9.1.1 Approach
    9.1.2 Trial results
    9.1.3 Analysis of observed variation
    9.2 Overall repeatability and reproducibility
    9.2.1 Measure of precision
    9.2.2 Repeatability
    9.2.3 Reproducibility
    9.3 Overall assessment of precision
    10 Conclusions
    Annex I Time schedule
    Annex II Raw test data
    Annex III Dry and wet mode friction coefficients versus test speed
    Annex IV Cumulative frequency distributions of parameter Kappa
    Annex V Friction coefficients after harmonisation
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