Correlation Trial and Harmonisation Modelling of Friction Measurement on Runways

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This report presents the objectives, test set-up, field test and analysis results of the project on the investigation of the exchangeability of friction values and texture data measured by various self-wetting friction-measuring devices for routine friction monitoring on Dutch airfield pavements.

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1 Introduction
1.1 General
1.2 Problem description
1.3 Program objective
1.4 This project
2 Definitions, abbreviations and acronyms
2.1 Definitions
2.2 Acronyms
3 Scope of the study
3.1 Repeatability and reproducibility
3.2 Harmonisation
4 Test programme and participants
4.1 Test programme
4.1.1 Location and selection of test sections
4.1.2 Friction testing during the correlation trial
4.1.3 Test schedule
4.2 Data collection
4.3 Participating devices
5 Field test
5.1 General
5.2 Test sections
5.2.1 Selection procedure
5.2.2 Description of the test sections
5.2.3 Survey line
5.2.4 Test section details
5.3 Operational aspects
5.3.1 Weather
5.3.2 Participants
6 Raw test results
6.1 Test speed
6.2 Dry mode friction coefficient
6.3 Wet mode friction coefficient
7 Analysis of test data for harmonization purposes
7.1 Model description
7.2 Runway interaction parameter
7.2.1 Determination of parameters
7.2.2 Normal distribution
7.3 Dispersion and consistency
7.3.1 Consistency of Mu-datum
7.3.2 Consistency of runway interaction parameter
7.3.3 Consistency of relative variation
8 Analysis predictive accuracy
9 Analysis of repeatability and reproducibility
9.1 Calculated repeatability statistics
9.1.1 Approach
9.1.2 Trial results
9.2 Repeatability and reproducibility
9.2.1 Trial results
9.3 Long-term consistency
9.4 Reproducibility after harmonisation
10 Conclusions
11 Acknowledgements
12 References
Annex I Time schedule
Annex II Test results of preliminary survey
Annex III Dry and wet mode friction coefficients versus test speed
Annex IV Cumulative frequency distributions of runway interaction parameter
Annex V Friction coefficient after harmonisation
Annex VI Raw test results